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International Journal of Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery is Accepted for Inclusion in Scopus

We are pleased to announce that International Journal of Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery (IJAWHS, p-ISSN 2589-8736, e-ISSN 2589-8078, Publisher: Wolters Kluwer) has been accepted for inclusion in Scopus by the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) after a rigorous evaluation on March 16, 2022.

We are delighted to have reached this new goal, which is a new breakthrough for journal development over the past years. We would like to thank the editorial board for their dedication and the authors, reviewers and readers for their great support and contributions.

It will take more than three months to activate the journal in Scopus, after which the journal content will be reflected on the Scopus website. 

As an academic publishing platform, we will continuously endeavor to publish more valuable and scientific research findings to promote academic exchanges of hernia and abdominal wall surgery.

IJAWHS Annual Meeting 2021

From Dec 12th to 18th, 2021, the Annual Meeting of the International Journal of Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery (IJAWHS) was held as scheduled. Hosted by IJAWHS of Wolters Kluwer, the meeting was organized by the Chinese editorial department of IJAWHS and Hernia and Abdominal Wall Surgery Department of Affiliated Beijing Chaoyang Hospital of Capital Medical University.

The conference's opening ceremony began at Beijing time 20:00 on Dec 12th. Editors-in-Chief of IJHAWS Prof. Chen Jie, Prof. Reinhard Bittner and Prof. William W. Hope, Associate Editors, the director of the editor department, all editorial committee, and Prof. Zhang Yangde, president of WEDA, attended the opening ceremony.

The conference included a live demonstration of standardized surgery and lectures. Domestic and foreign experts had a lively discussion on the application of mesh and medical glue in hernia repair, the application of Chinese hernia follow-up registration system in the treatment of external abdominal hernia, the standardization of hernia surgery, the treatment, and prevention of various complications, the research progress of biological mesh, the research and experience sharing of esophageal hiatal hernia and complex hernia, etc. The meeting presented an excellent academic feast for everyone.

On Dec 18th, the meeting concentrated on complex hernia and abdominal wall diseases, inguinal hernia research progress, complications, and the quality control of hernia day-operation. Domestic experts expressed their opinions on relevant issues in different aspects. The content of the meeting was meaningful, along with lively discussion. On Saturday's meeting, Dr. Chen Jie, the chief editor of IJAWHS, summarized that IJAWHS was supported by several experts worldwide, especially the online editorial board who discuss with the Asia-Pacific workshops once a month. The editorial team will play a more critical role in the future to invite competent experts who are willing to contribute to the journal, improve the quality of manuscripts, learn from excellent journals, and prepare for the journal to enter SCI as soon as possible.

This fantastic event lasted for seven days, with 30 live broadcasts of surgery, 69 slides. More than 150 experts participated in operation performing, hosting, commenting, and teaching. The conference was indexed by diseases and covered hernia and abdominal wall surgery, with complex discussions on new technologies and advances. Experts and scholars from all over the world gathered online to exchange academic knowledge, discuss skills and share the latest research achievements.

This conference is not only a grand event in the field of hernia and abdominal wall surgery but also plays as a platform for effective communication among colleagues at home and abroad.



IJAWHS Annual Meeting 2020

Hosted by the Department of Hernia and Abdominal Wall Surgery in Beijing Chaoyang Hospital and the Editorial Department in China, the Annual Meeting of the International Journal of Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery was held online on December 11th-13th, 2020.

The opening ceremony of IJAWHS virtual meeting was started at 20:00 pm on Dec 11th. The experts presented at the meeting were: Editors-in-Chief: Profs. Chen Jie, Reinhard Bittner and William Hope; editorial director: Profs. Yingmo Shen and Junsheng Li; the publication managing director of the journal: Mr. Zhang Xiaoliang; as well as the editors of the IJAWHS from both domestic and abroad. During the meeting, experts shared academic achievement and future work plans as an editor for the journal, following this, each expert gave a 20-minute of special lecture on hernia.

Taking 40 continuous hours, the virtual annual meeting ended up with splendid success and achievement, sixty-one board members from Europe, America and Asia gave excellent lectures at the meeting, plenty of new technique and treatment in hernia and abdominal wall diseases were shared and exchanged, including the guidelines of hernia surgery, management and prevention of various complications, research progress of biological mesh, research and experience exchange of hiatal hernia and other hernias, and so on.




Hernia Summit Nanjing 2019


From May 29 to June 1, 2019, a joint meeting, the “International Hernia Summit 2019 Nanjing”, the Annual Meeting of Chinese Chapter of International Society of Endoscopic Hernia, and Annual meeting of International journal of hernia and abdominal wall surgery & Board meeting of editors, was held in Nanjing.

This conference is a high-level international summit on hernia and abdominal wall surgery. Experts from nearly 30 countries or regions around the world attended the conference, including nearly 100 well-known experts and scholars in the field of hernia and abdominal wall surgery, as well as all members of the Chinese Chapter of International Endoscopic Hernia Society, and editors of International Journal of Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery.

On the afternoon of May 30, the founding meeting of the editorial board of International Journal of Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery was held. Professors Chen Jie, Reinhard Bittner and William Hope served as the Editors-in-Chief of the magazine in Asia, Europe and America. Associate editors included Profs. Anil Sharma, David Watson, Davide Lomanto, Ji Zhenling, Jose Macario Faylona, Li Jianwen, Mahesh Misra, Pradeep Chowbey, Tang Jianxiong, Yao Qiyuan, Ferdinand Köckerling, Giampiero Campanelli, Henry Hoffmann, Rene. H. Fortelny, David C. Chen, Hobart W. Harris, John Morrison, John P. Fischer, Sergio Roll, Yuri W. Novitsky, Karl LeBlanc. Prof. Shen Yingmo and Li Junsheng serve as editorial directors of the magazine. Professor Shen Yingmo introduced the preparatory process of the editorial board of the International Journal of Hernia Surgery.

Mr. Zhang Xiaoliang, CEO of Beijing Chao Yang Hernia Institute of Medicine, introduced the process of its declaration and approval in Europe, and issued a letter of engagement to the Editors-in-Chief.

Three Editors-in-Chief issued certificates to the Deputy editors and the editorial board.

Editor-in-chief Chen Jie awarded the certificate of Best paper award to the selected excellent authors.

The "International Hernia Summit Nanjing 2019" is a splendid stage for our colleagues in hernia and abdominal surgery to go to the world and fully demonstrate the development and achievements of the subject, and has achieved great success. In the future, the academic leaders in the field of hernia surgery in China, represented by Professor Chen Jie, will further promote the standardized training, assessment and grade certification of hernia endoscopists in China, promote the specialization, standardization and normalization of the subject, and further integrate with the international standards in the large data and quality control of hernia, and improve the overall diagnosis and treatment of hernia and abdominal wall surgery diseases in China, therefore benefit more hernia patients.